Cashmere Prints
Our Naqash Home and Fabrics fine Cashmere pashmina Shawls  and modern Cashmere silk scarves and designer Crewel shawls are the perfect compliment for any wardrobe. We are offering the best fashion Cashmere and silk scarves and Crewel embroidered Cashmere shawls for you to add to your fashion accessories. Including our beautiful selection of woven pure Cashmere, silks and silk blends, wool and boiled wool blends, silk Viscose,  Lycra,pure Pashmina shawls or our basket-weave 50% silk and 50% cashmere stoles. Choose from our selection of solids colors or Jamawar paisley and floral printed  Cashmere scarves with rich patterns or textures.  Also our artful embroidered Crewel shawls exquisitely hand made on wooden weaving looms then each embroidered by hand in Kashmir.
These 100% Pashmina shawls and cashmere scarves have been produced the same way for centuries and are still immensely enjoyed today. Our Kashmiri Crewel embroidered shawls will compliment everyday wear, work clothing, or elegant evening wear they are an affordable luxury for almost any occasion.  Our Naqash Silk Scarves and Cashmere and Pashmina Shawls will help your customers add to their fashion style.  Check out our 50 x 60 with 4 inch fringed Cashmere throws available, soft, beautiful and luxurious that can be enjoyed year round in any room of the home.
We know that your customers will be pleased to see our Naqash Crewel Shawls, handcrafted Crewel fabric handbags with leather trims and  a selection of our silk, wool or beautiful all made by hand embroidered Pashmina shawls and Crewel scarves available in your store.
The eloquence and beauty of the pure Cashmere can be felt and seen in each Cashmere Shawl and Scarf.  What is Cashmere? In the springtime the the mountain goats have endured the cold high mountain winter and are ready to shed that winter coat. It is at this time that the hair of the underbelly and neck is nicely combed collecting these fine soft hairs. These finest goat hairs are what will make the beautiful Cashmere, the natural properties give it this incredible warmth and light softness. Our Cashmere Scarves and shawls come in plain, or printed or embroidered designs. Our Pure and blended Cashmere scarves and Shawls are great accessories for wearing to weddings and formal occasions as well as for casual occasions.
Cashmere Silk Blend Scarves
Of course we are always mixing it up so we also offer a Cashmere and silk blend, a little more affordable but yet as charming as the pure Cashmere, our Silk and Pure Cashmere wool Scarves will delight you. There may only be a slight difference to the feel but these are still incredibly light weight and warm. Available in a simple weave, plaids and prints you will be delighted with our Cashmere and silk blend Shawls.
Cashmere Throws
The pure luxury of a beautiful,soft, natural throw will be sure to be everyone’s favorite.  It comfortable warmth and luxurious feeling bring comfort year round. Our Cashmere throws are available in a variety of sizes and colors with 4 inch fringe at the ends.
What is Pashmina? Pashmina is the fine inner hairs of the goat naturally shed and spun into a soft light weight woolen product. This fine Pashmina wool can be worn on the body in summer or winter, it has a wonderful feeling, warmth and beauty of it own making it very special.
Pashmina Wool and Print Scarves
The Pashmina shawls and Pashmina Scarves come in an  array of patterns and prints allowing you to enhance your wardrobe with many different colors and designs. The embroidered designs are either hand embroidered or machine embroidered per product description and add quite an elegance to each Pashimina Scarf.The size of these Pashmina Printed and Embroidered Shawls is approximately 36" X 80".  Soft and subtle easy to wear these Pashmina Print Shawls will be  treasured for years to come. 
Pashmina and Silk Shawls
Our Pashmina and Silk blend shawls allow you to enjoy the feel of the soft Pashmina a bit more affordably. These Pashmina Silk Shawls and Pashmina Silk Scarves are great to wear with your best dress or on a simple day with your jeans. The addition of the Silk adds a slight smoothness and subtle sheen to the look of these beautiful shawls.