Hand Print Scarves

Cashmere Prints are our best selection of Printed designs on our beautiful Cashmere scarves, they make such a beautiful fashion statement. We are offering a great choice of colors which designs have then been carefully printed on. These Cashmere scarves are pure, soft and light weight stoles. One of the nicest qualities of the light weight scarves is that you can  just wrap yourself up in one and instantly find the great comfort of its touch. In the high mountains of kashmir the great white mountain goats survive the cold winter days and nights with the same yarn that we are using for these woolen shawls! We are very excited to bring you this cashmere scarf selection, Naqash Cashmere shawls and throws are all made with quality Pashmina wool and you are getting pure Cashmere products. We hope you enjoy our Pashmina store we know that any one of these Pashmina cashmere shawls and wraps will add something special to everyones wardrobe.


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The artisan quality of our Pashmina Stoles, wraps and shawls is something to be proud of. We know that your selection will be a highlight in your store. Here at Naqash we are always looking for new and exciting designs to make your displays stand above the rest.  The Pashmina and Cashmere shawls are a well known traditional art of Kashmir in Northern India and one has to just  experience the warmth and lightness of the natural fibers of our Naqash Pashmina and Cashmere shawls. Our designs will be enjoyed for years and they will be coming back for more! They pair beautifully with our hand Crewel embroidered handbags trimmed in leather.