Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina Shawls and Pashmina wraps have been handmade for centuries in Kashmir India. We want this to be the Pashmina store of your choice and we are excited to bring you this great selection. These wonderful luxurious designer hand loomed shawls are all creatively designed and hand embroidered by men whom have perfected the art of hand looming and women who have perfected their craft in artistic hand embroidery. Traditionally these exquisite designer Pashmina soft wool stoles have been a treasure to own, and the woman may acquire 5 or 6 in their lifetime. The quality of the fine Pashmina wool comes from high mountain Cashmere goats. They live in the high himilayas and because of the extreme cold weather there, they grow soft downy wool around their necks and belly, this soft fine wool creates the beauty and warmth for the Pashmina Shawls. 

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Each Pure Pashmina Shawl, Stole and Wrap is sure to please your best customers. Made from the fine Pashmina wool, here in Kashmir we create the most luxurious and timeless designs so that we can present to you our beautiful tradition and artistry. Perfect for the cold winter days or those breezy summer nights we are confident that these Wraps will be among everyones fashion accessory favorites. Perfect for a Bridesmaid gift or even for the bride herself. Measuring approx: 36 inches by 80 inches long and each having its own individual color and beauty.