We have one goal here at Naqash Home and Fabrics and that is to offer you the best Crewel fabrics and home interior products with the best quality, designs and pricing. There is also a list below of our customer service offices with phone numbers, and email contact information. We also have an inquire button on each item so that you can inquire directly through our website.

There are three avenues for you to work with us. Please see listed below a brief explanation of these.

1.) First we offer ready made products for those of you that just want to order our stock. It's simple you just select the items that you would like to order from our product categories. We have photos of each item available with a product name and product number, you will need both of these when contacting us for ordering and shipping information. Again by phone, email, or by selecting our inquire button on the individual product on each product page.

2.) Second we offer all our Crewel fabric bedding items, crewel fabric draperies, Crewel pillows, Crewel Shams, Crewel Throws, Crewel Quilts, and Crewel dustbins, ?in all of the Naqash Crewel fabric designs. You can find all our fabric designs in our "Fabric" section.

This allows you to choose the crewel fabric, the items that you want to carry, with any trims, piping, ruffles or fringes you would like added. You know your customers, what they like, and what sells best in your business, so this allows you the freedom to be a little creative. This will allow you to make the most of your home interior or home goods display department. This is also the ordering avenue that will facilitate your Naqash custom drapery orders.

3.) Our full Custom Design program is for the artist or interior design professional, or company that would like to create their own designs, for their own branding, and have us create it for them. Our crewel fabric artists are some of the best, so you can be assurred that your creation will be top quality. In this Custom Design program you will need to supply us with a copy of a printed color artwork for each new item. We also need sizes ( such as 18x18 pillows, 60 x 88 throws, etc.) making sure to include the finished sizes request.There is a small one time setup fee for each new design, and also for each size change. This fee covers our labor and preparation, and the making of the pattern.

Also you can take one of our existing fabric designs, and have us create coordinating items. For instance you would like a duvet cover in our fabric, and you would like area rugs in an element from that design, and also European shams with a border of that design. This can all be done easily, and we look forward to being a part of your new Crewel fabric selections.

We are always open to any suggestions of items that you would like to see availabiltiy.

We invite you to check out all of our categories, to get a good overview of all the wonderful items and possibilities!

This includes Crewel Fabrics, Crewel and chainstitch pillows, Crewel and chainstitch lampshades, Crewel chainstitch area rugs, and Cashmere throws with fringe. Our fashion accessories include Crewel fabric handbags, luxurious Cashmere and Pashmina shawls hand embroidered, Cashmere Silk, and wool scarves and more!