Modern, Contemporary, and Traditional Wool Area Rugs

Our hand crafted Chain Stitch wool area rugs will become the defining element of your rooms.

The Chain Stitch area rug designs that we offer come in a selection of traditional, contemporary and creative art designs, each backed with a sturdy canvas fabric. Our versatile rug collection includes Crewel Chain Stitch Rugs, Crewel Chain Stitch Silk Rugs, Namdas etc, all finely hand crafted to awe you with their looks and quality.

These beautiful area rugs are all handmade from natural cotton fabric and hand embroidered with Chain Stitch Crewel embroidery using pure 100% wool yarns. Our Wool rugs, delicately hand crafted yet durable and naturally stain resistant come in an illustrious range of colors to complement the look of your interiors. We offer our handmade rugs to you in a variety of sizes including 2x3, 3x5, 6x4, 5x8 or 7x9 sizes and two sizes in runners. If you need to specially order a specific size other than what we list, our custom design services will make sure that you get what you want and are delighted with it.

Our unique modern area rug designs and styles will surely enhance the expression of your interior design displays and projects. For fabric showrooms we offer our Crewel fabrics in ½ bolt sizes 20 yards per bolt, which allows you to stock a variety of choices, and helps your customers feel creative in designing all kinds of accessories.

All of our designer wool rugs, decorator throw pillows, designer Crewel fabrics, and home accessories will complement your home goods sections. Our collection of designer pillows, quilts, or any of our bedding collections go excellently with these exquisite traditional and modern wool rugs will complete your home interior displays.

The Naqash Chain Stitch area rug collection is the perfect new infusion in interior design to help keep your customers happy and asking for more.

Crewel Chain Stitch Rugs

The Crewel Chain Stitch embroidery goes excellently well with beautiful Modern area rugs. All of the Chain Stitch area rugs that we carefully construct are on a pure cotton duck fabric, fully lined on the back with a slightly heavier cotton canvas fabric giving it good durability and fullness. All our Crewel Chain Stitch rugs are handmade with 2ply pure wool yarns, one stitch at a time. They are available in square, oblong, animal shapes in various sizes and as rug runners up to 9 feet long. Our collection of designs includes modern, contemporary to old world traditional rug designs. We also welcome Custom design orders.

Crewel Chain Stitch Art Silk Rugs

The Chain Stitch rugs of the Kashmir region are made with either wool yarns or art silk threads. Art silk threads are finer and have a polished look to them, so the end result is a more refined stitch with greater detailing. Embroidered onto a pure natural cotton fabric, vibrant and beautiful our Crewel Chain Stitch art silk rugs are available in a variety of sizes and or custom designed to your requirements.

Namdas or Area Rugs

Namdas are natural pure wool area rugs, hand embroidered with artistically stunning designs using natural to bright colored threads. These felted wool area rugs locally known as Namdas, made predominantly from wool and a small amount of pure cotton, is a centuries old art. The price and the quality are determined by the amount of wool used in each rug or Namda.