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August 15, 2017

Presenting Naqash Handmade

May 06, 2016

Naqash Handmade

Naqash Handmade

Malik Sahib, Safa Kadal

Srinagar-190002 Kashmir (India)

T: 91-194-2424561



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Naqash launches official online store


A place to buy authentic Crewel furnishing & Cashmere fabric made with hand.


 Srinagar, India – May 06, 2016:


Naqash Handmade is pleased to launch its all new customer friendly online store, The site has been designed to provide an easy shopping experience to international customers looking to decorate their homes with hand embroidered designer fabric and upholstery. Our handmade rugs, decorative pillows, curtains and drapes are crafted using the experience of our expert artisans fused with modern manufacture practices. Apart from this, the site offers an exclusive range of Cashmere or Kashmiri Pashmina stoles for fashion enthusiasts.


Naqash Handmade has been in the crewel handicraft sector for the past century and over the years has built great relationships with customers and brands across the globe. Our website is a step toward bringing the traditional Kashmiri crewel work to people all over the world, a lot of who have only heard the name but desire to own it for themselves. We are committed to provide the best quality designer fabric and embroidery to our customers along with good service and support.


The site carries a modern design with high definition images that deliver you a crystal clear view of the products and allows you to feel the quality of product. It is updated on regular basis with news of quality products, store activities, and events and also features an interesting blog section.


Our beloved customers are encouraged for queries and are requested to leave their feedbacks.



ABOUT THE COMPANY: Naqash Handmade is a third generation handcrafted fabric designing and manufacturing company run by the Naqash family based in Kashmir. In 2018 Naqash will complete a hundred years in the handicraft industry.



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Chasing Dreams

May 03, 2016

It was Jan 2011, I’d never been to the US before and here I was, waiting at the Portland Airport for my host to pick me up. The past few months, I had been making rounds to the Embassy for visa and I vividly remember the moment when after a long interview, they said “congratulations”. I was one of the only two people, I think out of a hundred or so, who were granted American visa that day.


I was in Seattle washington for the annual Seattle Gift Show hoping to get some buyers for my crewel products. My family had been making crewel art for 90 years and it was nothing but a Dream come true bringing it to the American market. Over the course of the show, I met some amazing people who appreciated my products and at the same time gave me insight about the market. The next couple months were filled with unforgettable experiences travelling around the Coast of Northern California, meeting exciting people and really falling in love with the beauty everywhere. I’d never felt so much inspiration, I’d never felt more passionate. I always was a dreamer and this trip just added fuel to my ambitions.

My homeland, Kashmir, has been called the paradise on Earth, and truly so. The snow capped mountains, the green pastures, the beautiful lakes, fruit laden orchards and so much more, all come together to create a breathtaking experience of nature at its glorious best. 




Over the past century, my grandfather followed by my father took inspiration from the natural treasures of this very land and crafted thousands of crewel designs and along the way inspired many more to do the same.






I’ve been taking care of Naqash for more than a decade now and I’ve travelled to many more countries and displayed and sold crewel to people from all over the world. Looking at how the world has become a small village courtesy of internet and World Wide Web, I wanted to create a space where anyone from anywhere on the planet could see and buy our products. is an outcome of a hundred years of experience in crafting crewel work and many, many hours my team and I spent in creating a world class shopping experience for lovers of Kashmir Handicraft all over the world.



Every thread here is crafted with passion and masterful artistry with a goal to let you bring an authentic Kashmir crewel experience to your home. goes live today and I am as much full of inspiration as I was back then in California. This is going to be an exciting week, I will see you on the other side…

Zamir Naqash, CEO