Chainstitch Crewel Rugs

All the Crewel Chain Stitch rugs that we offer are made with a two ply 100% wool yarn. They are all fully hand stitched on 100% cotton duck fabric, then backed with a sturdy cotton canvas and embellished with exquisite Crewel work. The rugs, embossed with fine Crewel art in vibrant shapes and colours are breathtaking. Our Crewel rugs are the perfect way to accentuate the look of any room in your home or office.

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The art of creating a traditional Chain Stitch crewel rug is quite amazing. Hours of labor go into each Chain Stitch rug, and our artisans don’t stop working, until the end result is top notch. We know that you will enjoy all of our Chain Stitch designs and they will leave a lasting impression on your customers!