pillow cover

Our designer pillows and decorative accent pillows nicely accentuate the interiors and complete the look of your room. Here at Naqash, we design and manufacture the best quality pillows with the best artisan craftsmanship for handmade designer crewel fabrics!

Our designer upholstery fabrics and decorative pillows pair excellently together and come in many quality fabric choices, along with 100% wool yarn hand embroidery designs.

You can opt for any one of our decorative pillow designs or a variety of mixed designs, colors, and shapes and a variety of sizes ranging from small accent pillows to European pillow sizes. Choose from our custom collection of trims, tassels, fringes, piping or pom-poms to go with the decorative pillows you picked out from our designer pillow range. Add a few of our decorative accent pillows to a sofa or your favorite chair, on the nook or on the top of your favorite bedding and give your home interiors a perfect finishing touch.

Select a fabric from our wide range of fabrics such as 100% pure cotton, pure cotton velvet, natural linen, silk, pure wool fabric or jute and more. Follow it up by selecting a creative design and other specifications like trims, zippers or button back closures and we will make sure we deliver these trendy pillows right as you asked.

We can also coordinate these designer accent pillows to match your orders of custom bedding or Chain Stitch rugs and mix and match the elements of the interiors around beautifully endless possibilities.

Crewel Embroidery Pillows

Crewel (Ari) work is special free style art embroidery done on the pillows. The Crewel embroidery in each of our pillows is done using the same technique from generations. A stenciled design is transferred onto one of our fabrics followed by a 1 ply or 2ply wool yarn being stitched onto the fabric. You can choose from several types of fringes and trims to embellish the selected pillows. The crewel embroidery pillow covers also come in multiple sizes and shapes.

Chain Stitch Embroidery Pillows

The Chain stitch embroidery is one that completely covers the background fabric. Like an ornate puzzle it creates the image and background with the same Crewel free style art embroidery with 1 or 2 ply wool yarns. A bit heavier and sturdy these Chain stitch pillows have a long lasting quality. We can create a circular embroidery or straight stitch embroidery and this technique of Crewel stitch allows us to make custom art designs for pillows.

Crewel Pillow Trims and Finishing

Pillow trims and finishing are a very important part of the final look, so here at Naqash we offer a range of pompom trims, full fringe trims and corner tassels. This allows you to customize the look of your pillows. We can put fabric of your choice on the back of your pillows and you can also choose a zipper backing or button closure which allows you to launder the covers when needed