All your orders are shipped FOB from a carrier here in India, to your specified shipping location address. At the time of dispatch we will send you a full invoice that includes the full shipping cost,. Once we submit the shipping charge to you it wil not change, Our shipping rates are specific to which carrier and what location your package is shipping to. We only charge this shipping charge to recoup the charges that we pay to ship your package.

International Shipping

All online orders will be shipped Fedex, DHL,UPS or TNT, once the goods are ready to ship it will take around 5 to 7 days for arrival.

Large orders will be shipped cargo, You can choose accordingly by sea or air.

Naqash  Fabrics does everything possible to assure a smooth and prompt delivery of your fabric yardage, in stock orders and custom items. We always get delivery information from our carrier, However, be aware and consider that there are circumstances out of our control at times that may arise and result in a delay in the production or delivery of your items. We do our best to give accurate lead times for our hand workers but estimated lead times are not a guarantee of a specific delivery date. We do try our best to keep your orders on time.

We welcome your inquiries as the estimated delivery time approaches and we can follow up to give you a more specific idea of your ship date at that time. Also note that shipping is FOB from India and we try to ship the best carrier for price and for your items safe arrival. From the shipping date, the average time for arrival is approximately 4 -10 business days, from the time your packaged items are dispatched to our courier for shipment.

We do our best to assist you in a prompt delivery but again, there are variables that are out of our control at times. We know you'll enjoy our Naqash luxury products! If you have any questions please give us a call!