Velvet Crewel Fabric

Our Velvet Crewel Fabric selection is all handmade with one-ply and two-ply pure wool yarns hand embroidered on a soft rich pure cotton fabric or a beautiful Cotton Rayon blend fabric. The finely finished velvet crewel embroidered fabrics measure 54 to 56 inches wide. Naqash handmade velvet crewel is an excellent choice for draperies, duvets and bedcovers or as a light upholstery fabric. Your home and office interiors will instantly be transformed with a pick from our Velvet Crewel Fabric collection below.

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Easily customizable to your needs, our Velvet Crewel fabric upholstery designs, quality fabrics and fine detailing in every stitch, make it a customer’s favorite. You can also choose from a fine line up of Crewel embroidered or plain velvet pillows in a multitude of sizes, and it's a sure winner!