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Added By: Nancy

Date: 2011-07-06

"I love beautiful Crewel fabric and after seeing Naqash fabric, it was enough to entice me to make a purchase that I was not expecting to make-an entire set of bedding, including curtains and a rug! I met Zami, whose passion for his family's design and product made me love the fabric even more- and his description of Kashmir has resulted in a new addition to my travel "bucket list".  

And Kristy has been wonderful to work with, making sure every detail was addressed and updating me on the progress of my exclusive design- she is awesome.I am extremely pleased with my new bedroom, thanks to the Naqash team- Zami and Kristy were a pleasure to work with.  Not only do I have beautiful Crewel fabric bedding, I feel like I have made new friends!"


Shop owner  Chico CA